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Daniele Bressan

I was born in Verona in 1982, I have a diploma as a Tourist Expert and a degree in International Relations.


I lived abroad and traveled in many countries. I speak Italian, English, French and German.


I worked for some years in the Tourism Promotion sector for the Province of Verona, after which I decided to become a tour leader and tour guide, in the year 2011.

My specialty is local, Italian and international history, but I hope to share my passion for the rural landscape and good food with you too!

GuideVerona is today a personal site, but it was born from the legacy of Veronaround®, an independent brand that since 2011 has identified a group of guides and tour leaders, truly pioneers in the creation of visits and excursions in Verona and its province, united by sharing these principles, always valid:

  1. Professionalism: which means having regularly obtained the mandatory professional qualifications, being in possession of licenses issued by the public authority. Because it's not enough to improvise for a few months a year: you need study, exams, and experience.

  2. Territoriality: that is, recognizing the value of residing and living in a city on a daily basis, against aggressive international norms that have distorted the very concept of guiding, with the result of preying on the wealth of local communities.

  3. Real tourism, not "born on the web":  training and professional experiences rigorously rooted in real tourism and in direct contact with the public.

  4. "Small is beautiful": healthy tourism must benefit local economies, not large chains; choice of itineraries off the beaten track, collaboration with small local family-run businesses.

  5. Slow tourism, not last-minute: to offer non-standardised but tailor-made products.

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