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Guided tours in the city of Verona

Verona is one of the oldest cities in Northern Italy. It is said to be second only to Rome itself for its wealth of classical monuments.


In the early Middle Ages it was the favorite seat of the barbarian kings, but reached the peak of its splendor in the fourteenth century, the Gothic age, under the domination of the Scaligeri family.


Even the testimonies of the Renaissance, which flourished under the Serenissima, are numerous, and alternate with brilliant military architecture, confirming the strategic role of this center until the end of Austrian rule and the last battles of the Risorgimento. ​


Since 2000 it has been a UNESCO heritage site, and today it is confirmed, together with its colorful and industrious province, as one of the very first tourist destinations in Italy.


First time in Verona:
a general walking tour

2-hour visit to enjoy the iconic places: the squares, the Arena, views along the Adige, the Scaligeri palaces, the places of the myth of Juliet... (continue)

arena statua testa_edited.jpg

A more in-depth tour
of Verona

A true historical-artistic immersion, beyond the postcard: archaeological sites, churches full of history, surprising museums... (continue)


The Great Wall
of Verona

Verona is surrounded by 9 km of medieval walls, crenellated towers, Renaissance bastions and Austrian forts... (continue)


Riverside visions:
Verona by raft boat

The perfect combination between a historical introductory walk in the center and a refreshing dinghy descent with memorable views... (continue)

caccia tesoro bimbi.jpg

Thematic tours
for school groups

The city of Verona is an ideal destinations for educational visits, having all kind of historical and artistic stratifications... (continue)


Guided tour of Verona
with wine tasting

For those who have no time to venture out on wine excursions, here is a compromise between an urban visit and wine tastings in a tavern... (continue)


Esoteric Verona: the origins of an occult power

Archaic rituals and spiritually vibrant places have been at the center of the interests of particular personalities in the history of Verona... (continue)


20th century Verona:
identity and style

Verona at the beginning of the century was the crossroads of a fateful generation: socialist activists, futurist artists and even young Mussolini... (continue)

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