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From Valpolicella to the Lessinia plateau

  • 100% private tour

  • Duration: 6-7h

  • Recommended months: May-October

  • Local authorized tour leader:
    Rate for service from 250€

  • Lunch with cheese tasting:
    approx 25€/person

  • Optional wine tasting in a Valpolicella winery:
    approx. 15€/person

  • Optional transport (in case you don't have a car):
    - car rental without driver: rate ~ 150€/day
    - car rental with driver: rate ~ 90€/hour

We will leave Verona and after a few minutes we will start driving up one of the Valpolicella valleys, in order to get up to the Lessinia plateau. This territory is dotted with natural treasures, among which the Veja Bridge, the Molina Waterfalls and numerous caves and rock formations such as those of the "Valley of the Sphinxes" stand out. Equally interesting are the villages, with the typical stone houses and parish churches built by the Cimbrian people, but also the traces of the trenches of the First World War, still visible on the high pastures.​


Here we will take a walk to see the livestock (or in the barns, if the season requires it) and a stop at a family-run dairy farm. After seeing the milking area, we will enter the production and refining area of ​​the "Monte Veronese DOP" cheese. This and other cheeses, with their more or less aged variations, will be part of the rich tasting lunch in the typical stone and wood "malga" of Lessinia. There will be excellent cured meats and a taste of the local "Cimbrian malga gnocchi". All this accompanied by the usual good glass of local wine and a dessert.


We will drive down towards the valleys and on the way back we will stop at a family-run winery in Valpolicella, to taste 3-4 wines, including the famous Amarone.

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