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Excursions in the sorroundings

 The excursions that I propose outside Verona are not simple "accompaniments": nowadays, in fact, anyone, with Google, a couple of phone calls and a taxi ride, can reach attractions, restaurants, wineries, etc., in complete autonomy.


But I am a tourist guide, and even before that, since I was born, I have known the authentic province, the small roads among the hilly vineyards, the unexpected views in the villages of Lake Garda, the producers of the fertile Veronese Plains and the breeders in the pastures of Lessinia.


Over the years and experience I have learned how to balance landscapes, gastronomy and gems of history and art that create the perfect formula for an unforgettable day, the kind that remain in the memories and warm the heart when you think back!


"Small is beautiful": healthy tourism is that which benefits local economies more than large chains; I choose itineraries off the beaten track, and I collaborate with small-sized local businesses, both artisanal and family-run.

Slow tourism, not last-minute: I appreciate those who contact me in advance because I don't sell last-minute products (it's useless to contact me today for tomorrow! :) and I create personalized itineraries.

hike vigneti.jpg

Hike in the land
of the Amarone wine

A visit formula for those who also love the naturalistic and landscape side of Valpolicella, as well as the oenological one... (continue)


This region summarizes postcard landscapes, vineyards, walled towns, gastronomic specialties and the minerality of volcanic wines... (continue)

From Soave to Montagnana:
vineyards, castles and...hams

lago vino.jpg

Valpolicella is just a few kilometers from the Riviera: the perfect wine excuse to visit two territories that fill the eyes with beauty... (continue)

The Amarone of Valpolicella
and Lake Garda


The fortress of Peschiera
and the peninsula of Sirmione

A day to explore the UNESCO site of Peschiera, with its fortress, and Sirmione, a corner of the Mediterranean in an Alpine lake... (continue)


Ancient hamlets and the rice fields of Isola della Scala

The Veronese plains are rich in springs which have fed the rice fields for centuries. Risotto is the king of the tables in Isola della Scala... (continue)

frisona 3_edited.jpg

From the Valpolicella
to the Lessinia plateau

The plateau north of Verona is a natural and genuine context where pastures, livestock farms, dairies and sausage factories come together... (continue)

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