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Ancient hamlets and the rice fields of Isola della Scala

  • 100% private tour

  • Duration: 6-7h

  • Recommended months: June-September

  • Local authorized tour leader:
    Rate for service from 250€

  • Lunch with risotto tasting:
    approx. 30€/person

  • Optional local pastry specialties at a historical café:

  • Optional transport (in case you don't have a car):
    - car rental without driver: rate ~ 150€/day
    - car rental with driver: rate ~ 80€/hour

We will leave Verona and after a few minutes of driving through the countryside south of the city, we will arrive in the Isola della Scala area, the "capital" of the Vialone Nano Veronese rice. ​

We will take a walk in a park near a 17th century villa, witness to the Venetian agricultural settlement, and we will stop next to the water springs that irrigate the rice paddies. ​


We will arrive at an ancient rice mill where we will learn about the traditional methods of processing the "pearls of the paddies". At the shop it will be possible to purchase different varieties of rice, rice flours and baked gluten-free products. ​

Finally, we will enjoy a tasty lunch with the typical risottos: "all'Isolana" (meat-based) and risotto all'Amarone. ​


We will continue the journey towards Villafranca, an ancient settlement in the Veronese countryside characterized by the imposing size of its medieval castle and the airiness of its avenues, where a stop cannot be missed at the tables of a historic café to taste the typical pastry specialities.

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