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Verona's countryside: rice paddies and bike rides along river Adige

The Veronese Plain is a fertile landscape characterized by the presence of water.

The Adige above all irrigates this territory, but also streams and numerous springs contribute to the great variety of agricultural products of the Veronese area, among which the Vialone Nano Veronese rice, the first IGP certified rice in Italy, stands out.


Risotto from Isola della Scala, tortellini from Valeggio, but also Berico-Euganeo ham and the traditional Cologna Veneta nougat are unforgettable gastronomic discoveries for the ones who visit this region.

The Veronese Plain, however, also preserves some natural beauties, like the river woods visible along the pleasant cycle paths of the Adige, which evoke the ancient landscape before the 19th century swamps reclamations.

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